Podcasts for Science Geeks

Swinburne University
LogoSwinburne University, my alma mater, has recently started publishing podcasts covering research programs at the university. It is often very difficult to keep abreast of research goings-on without keeping a constant reading program of appropriate journals. Even a lot of the journal articles I do read are too terse for an outsider to easily penetrate. I see these podcasts as a good way for scientists and other researcher to communicate passion for their studies. Topics include.

Go here for viewing pleasure.

Make Magazine
LogoOn a slightly different tack is the creatively off-beat Make Magazine. Make publishes a traditional dead-tree magazine that rarely makes an appearance on Australian shelves (although I think McGills carry it) and a regular podcast program. Ever wanted to make your own Rubik's cube out of dice, Jam Jar Jet! (PDFCast), or Teeny Tiny Solar Robots.