Swinburne Astronomy

This is a collection of my assignment work in the Swinburne University Astronomy Online course. I'm providing it primarily as a resource to other students but it may hold some interest for the general browsing populace. The work covers the units I have completed. I completed the Master of Science course at the end of 2004 and formally graduated in March 2005.

I make no warranty about the documents presented here. While most are of a reasonable quality there are a few of lesser standing. There are typographical errors and probably errors in fact, misinterpretations, and other problems that dog student work. In short, caveat emptor.

For those Swinburne students that find themselves here, I remind you of the University's plagiarism policy. If you can find these pages so can your tutors and assessors.

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® (Windows, UNIX, Linux), Xpdf (UNIX, Linux), or something similar to read the documents.

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